Mike Owens.jpg
Mike Owens

Founder and President of Team 409. Member of Boat team and ground crew.

Travis Hudson

Vice President

member of Ground and Boat crew.

Dalona Fisette

Team 409 administrator.

she is in charge of registering all new members by completing back ground checks and vetting them in. Also helps by assisting in dispatch when needed.

Wes Gearen

Treasurer accounts for all incoming and outgoing money and donations. Boat and Ground crew member.

Ronda Woods

Lead Dispatcher Answers phone calls for us and dispatches the guys out to the field during storms and floods.

Edward Castillo

Head of Safety  We all want to do our jobs he makes sure we do it safely. Swift water Rescue, and ground


Tabatha Grush

 Number Two dispatcher 

You can call and she will dispatch someone to you, in a storm or flood situation.

Bruce Mccormick

Team medic

ground Search and Rescue, and he helps out with the benefits and raffles to help raise money for the team.

Sydney Copeland

Social media monitor. She monitors Team 409's Facebook page and all other public pages and group pages looking for people who are requesting assistance, she also keeps an eye out for any relevant information such as locations of donation centers, Red Cross Salvation Army or food. Backup dispatcher takes care of dispatching when other dispatchers are unavailable.